Calendar Colors for Each Column

Hi there. My team uses Monday to track project timelines, but we track many dates in one item. We do this because we have lots of projects to keep track of, which don’t warrant their own board or group.

I’m now trying to integrate these with Monday’s calendar, but want each column to show up as a different colour (i.e. install date is red, order frame date is orange, order CP is yellow, etc.). I know Calendar currently only differentiates based on either which group the item is in or by the colour of a single column.

Is there a way to have each column represent a different colour in the calendar? I would assume this may include some automation and maybe mirroring to another board so that each date appears in a group with the same item name. Thanks so much!

Hey @mygl! Currently I am afraid it isn’t possible to customise colours per column as you’ve come to realise. Even if you were to mirror columns across boards, the colour by choices will remain the same within the calendar view:

Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 4.28.25 pm

I apologise for the setback here, but will ensure this is mentioned with our product team for future improvements!

Thanks so much for the reply! I’ve found a work-around for now by having each type of date have it’s own board then mirroring that in our summary board.

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Oh amazing! Glad to hear you could get this working for you :slight_smile:

Do we know if this feature will be added on I also have this question as there are multiple dates for each item that I need color coded in the Calendar view. I am not sure different boards and mirroring would work for my team since we have a board per month (we have a lot of projects). However, this feature would be extremely helpful!!

Hey Holly!

I hear you on this and can see the benefit of this particular feature. I also know that a number of other members feel the same! To put greater emphasis on this need, please add your vote to the existing feature request here, Coloring of Columns :pray:

You’re also welcome to add your vote to this request too, incase it’s also relevant → Column Color Shading.

Each quarter we take the top-voted feature requests to our development team for a status update. Keep on voting to bring such features to life!

You can read more about our feature request process here: All you need to know about our feature request process!