Same columns in different boards in one workspace

Hi Monday community,
I would like to ask you about best practices on using Monday.
Are you having same columns with same names and labels in the different Boards you have in one workspace in
Or at least are the common columns named the same and have same labels(ex: date field, status, priority etc) ?

Thank you

Hi @Julia1 - When designing a solution we always strive for consistency and continuity where possible throughout the system. Thus naming conventions (column names, board name, etc), column types, status colors, etc should all be equivalent, where possible.

A few simple tips to get started:

  1. Use Board/Doc templates where possible. This will set a similar and familiar starting point for all your boards (alike column names/types/etc)

  2. Setup default status labels. This way all new status columns created use the same terminology and color scheme

  1. If you are on Enterprise licensing, setup Column Templates. This allows you to create custom column templates that can be deployed anywhere in monday without having to recreate them from scratch.

  2. Be consistent with Board Permissions. This sets the stage for what people can/can’t do and sets expectations

As for workspaces, this can differ based on your specific needs and there is no real “best practice” to note. Typically we will create different workspaces where the business processes/board types diverge. Breaking up workspaces by Department/Business Unit/Function is the most common. Sometimes it can be by master data item (Client/Vendor/Supplier/etc) or by Process (Project Management/CRM/etc).

If you ever need a hand feel free to reach out anytime!

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Hi Mark,

Thank you for sharing that, it is very helpful

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