Column marking method?

Let me ask you one more question.
As an administrator, I have created a board with many columns.
I would like to have an employee enter data into the columns of this board.
In this case, some of the columns must be entered by employees. On the other hand, some columns are automatically calculated using functions, etc., so employees should not input them.

Could it be possible to add color or other markings to the first line of the board, where the column titles are, so that first-time employees can clearly see which columns they need to input?

For example, would it be possible to give color or other markings to the column titles, such that the titles of columns that require input by employees are displayed in red, and columns that do not require input are displayed in gray?

Hi @jhyuklee - you can use Conditional Coloring to shade columns or rows based on certain conditions (ex: when column is blank, etc):

Keeping in mind, this does not shade the column headers, only to cells.

Another option is denote required columns with and asterisk or something. The good news is, there is some new functionality in BETA at the moment that allows you to enable creation of items via Forms that allow you to specify mandatory columns.


I give you the sincere thanks!!

it’s a workaround for me to have some clarity on the big board. Hopefully, they push true with the colored columns. Thanks for the TIP. :grinning: