Commodity tracking using QR code to update item details depending on stage and variables then generate reports

Hi, I’m new to and have been playing with the trial for a couple of days.
On surface level it appears that it will be able to achieve what I’m after - however in practice I’m struggling to figure out how to implement it.

Here is what I would like to do;
I need to design a system to deal with hundreds of items each week that don’t have their own unique identifiers. They will be the only items this system will track.

On arrival the item will instead get a physical sticker attached to it - this will be the inhouse unique identifier in the form of a QR code that will stay with the item throughout its entire transition through the system.

Once stickered, the QR Code will be scanned and a new item created - along with additional mandatory descriptive fields. For example; size, weight, colour and an attached picture of the item.

I was hoping to do this via a Form since this action will be done via Mobile or Tablet devices away from a main PC terminal.

Once the Form is submitted the QR Code would be the unique identifier of for the Item name.

So far so good. I can figure out how to achieve similar to this in already. However this is where it gets difficult for me.

Once in the system, I need the ability to scan the QR Code at the next stage in the process.
On scanning I need the Item’s details/description/picture to show so there is confirmation the correct sticker was scanned for the correct Item.

And then give the ability to add more pre-defined details to the Item. For example; Is the item damaged? Yes/No If yes: How many areas, Where & Severity.

Once this is submitted the Item details will get updated with the extra information and the Status changed. I’m not sure if it would be better to just add more details to the main Item, or create a Subtask for this process being completed.

Then the Item moves onto the next stage in the process, QR Code scanned again showing the basic description like before. But this time with a different set of pre-defined details to fill out for the Item. (The previous process questions are hidden/not available for update) For example: Has damage been fixed? Yes/No If yes: What consumables were used & How many. Again, once this is submitted the Item details get updated with the extra details and the Status changed again. Or another Subtask created?

After this the Item gets QR Scanned one last time which will show the details and the Status to confirm it has gone through the required previous stages. And a final approval check off is made and submitted. This sets its final Status to “Done” and it can leave the system.

Finally I need to be able to generate a report on each individual item that will show all details entered on its journey through the system. Or reports on all Items that had damage to a certain area, etc.

I hope I’ve been descriptive enough and someone can lend some assistance and experience. I did play with SuperForm and found it almost able to do what I want, however the sheer number of individual forms, additions and updates makes the pricing plan rather high. I also looked at JotForm integration along with Duplicates and Uniques to merge submissions but run into issues with correctly translating different data/fields over and the fact all images were on JotForm. Plus unable to pull data back out of to show in JotForm.

Hey Derek,

Thanks for this really detailed overview of your workflow and end goal!

Transparently, I think given the detail and complexity, it would helpful for you to potentially chat with one of our partners or consultants who can chat with you further about understanding how you currently work and replicating this in the platform.

That said, I wanted to share with you a specific app and template we have available, which is the Skiply - QR Code Status Tracking App and Template, which allows you to update statuses of an item with QR Code… Whilst it would certainly require you to customise it based on your specific process, I think this is something that you could use as a starting point to build off. I’d love to hear what you think of this and we can go from there :pray:

Hi Bianca,

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it seems that Skiply is no longer supported by the developer so I don’t really want to rely on a service that may discontinue at any moment.

Being able to generate a code after an item is created that will then open the app would be perfect though.

I am almost done setting up my workspace and will likely decide on a plan to purchase shortly. How would I go about getting in touch with a consultant to help improve or tailor the experience?

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Ah, that makes total sense Derek - sorry for misinformation there!

I can certainly share some resources to help you get in contact with our consultant team. Please refer to the links below:

Let me know if you have any issues :pray

Thanks. Is there any chance would natively implement QR codes being generated off items that then once scanned will open that item directly in the app?

Since Skiply has dropped support it seems there’d be an opening to adopt this feature.
Being able to customize the look / colour / logo, etc of the QR code like you can with services such as would be amazing too.

Hi @DerekFFF

You can create a PDF document with a QR code after form submission which links back to the item itself by using the DocExport app.
You can even send the PDF file via email as an attachment to an email address. For example straight to a printer.

Here’s a quick video tutorial of how to set it up. It’s for the use case ‘Event Ticket’ with QR code, but it’s the same logic:

You can also set up a second automation/template to generate your report for the specific item and place it in a different file column.
I guess most of the work is setting up the workflow itself in monday.

Hi @DerekFFF

I’m just thinking out loud here, but could this be a solution:

  1. Generate QR code with the item’s web address (you could use Eledo or some other app to generate the QR code). This is the first stage where item is generated.
  2. Install the monday-app on a phone or tablet, and use the camera to scan the QR code
  3. Than say YES when asked if you want to open the link in monday app. This will open the item in the first monday board.
  4. insert data and change status. The item will then move to a new board (stage 2), and all data will follow, in addition to new columns where data on stage 2 can be entered.
  5. Scan QR code in stage 2 and open in monday app.
  6. Repeat this for as many steps you have

You should hide columns as needed on each board in order to view only relevant columns on each stage.
I haven’t tested this out in real life, so it’s just an idea.

Good luck!

Hi @Sjurd I am happy to announce Triggerly App for tracking items with QR code is about to be released soon. With Triggerly you can Tracks orders and inventory with QR Code

You can sign up here for an early access.

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