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Our brand team are looking for examples of the craziest use cases managed with The stranger/funnier/quirkier the better!

Share a brief explanation of your use case below, including any board screenshots if possible.

Those which we love most could feature in an upcoming social campaign!

Hey this is a great idea, love it.

While not quirky per say - I think for us, tracking overall health of employees was a very unique case. We used overall workload metrics aligned with personal scoring to determine a monthly “health level”.

Light Green = Amazing
Dark Green = Good
Yellow = Doing Okay
Orange = May Need Help, Intervene
Red = Help now!

This is tracked within the native monday Gannt chart to show health progression of the team month by month.

Looking forward to seeing other amazing examples showing the Power of Work OS.




My usage is weird and strange :slight_smile:

Creation of a qrcode by sub item, the qrcode contains the information of the board / item / sub item.
Sub item is the number of packages, in the example for the manufacture of a door, I have 4 packages

By scanning the qrcode with an internal application or kizeo forms, it is possible to modify item and sub item with a second qrcode. The 2nd qrcode includes : Item - sub item / Column / Value

The sum of the 2 qrcodes gives the direction for changing the values.
For quality control, scan a qrcode with Kizeo forms. A PDF report is automatically positioned in item or sub item and changes the status.

When all sub items are sent, the item automatically changes group.

The most impressive… if I scan a qrcode (package), monday is able to tell me easily the location of other packages on the site related to the door (item).

To summarize:

  • Change values by qrcode
  • Automatic PDF report on the item / sub item
  • Search for packages
  • Automation
  • Easy to use
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What may look weird is sometime a great idea.

One of those was a request I got to delay a status change… while everybody loves performance and want to see action immediately taken place, this prospect wanted a delay…WHAT ?

When asking about the use case it was actually a great idea. In a call center type of setting the status shows which contacts to call. The agent calls but did not come through. The agent changes the status to “Unable to connect” and the use case was that the status changes back to “Please call” in 2 hours. Or when the call did come through and the contacted person was interested, the agent set the status to “Info send” and the app changes the status back to “please call” in 3 business days.

“Weird is just a side effect of being awesome.” ― Bill Murray. My wish for 2022 is that everybody think of this quote when they are talking about “weird” people.


How many people are on your team and participating in this? How is it received by the employees?