Event Registration Board with QR Codes


I am trying to add an event registration feature to my company’s implementation of Monday.com. Requested features are a customer self registration form (easy), automated notifications and approval, and QR code trackability (Each guest should get a QR code emailed to them at registration time, then the person doing check in would scan the QR code of the customer attending the event.

Is there a way to use QR codes inherently from Monday.com or is this a third-party function?

I have a good idea how to do most of this, but how would registration work. Can Monday.com search via image?

Thank you!

Hi @AutomatedJoe :wave:

We don’t currently offer the ability to create QR codes natively within the platform, I’m afraid.
That said, we do have a third party app in our marketplace that might be of use.
This is the Skiply QR Code Item Tracking app.
You can view the app details here - monday.com: Apps Marketplace
This does allow for the creation of QR codes :smile:

Do note that this app was not developed by the monday.com team. As such, we don’t have any control over its functionality – and do not provide support for setting it up. Our team has reviewed it against our security and privacy guidelines, but we cannot fully certify it.

You can review the app’s documentation (and applicable privacy policies) within the marketplace and install it if you choose.

To learn more about security in the monday apps marketplace, check out this article: Understanding apps marketplace security

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question