Workflow and QR Code or Polling Feature for real-time updates

:wave:Hi there!

I’m new to the QR Code feature and I understand it can open an item, but I wanted to ask if someone had a suggestion for the below workflow desire (may not necessarily use a QR Code either):

Client is hosting a webinar and would like the slide deck to include QR Codes visuals throughout to allow participants to participate in a quiz (which is a form view in to achieve real time updates from participants.

If the above is not possible, is there a ‘polling’ type of app/feature in monday to get similar results?

Hey @CristyLimegrover :wave:

Are you talking about the Skiply QR Code Item Tracking app from The monday apps marketplace?

I ask because this app was built by @jeromeskiply and the folks over at Skiply, and they are pleased to answer your questions! You can even reach them by sending an email over to .

Our Support team is happy to support with questions about our core platform (including the Apps Marketplace in general), but we are unable to help with questions about apps developed by third party developers.

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :slight_smile:


Hi @CristyLimegrover!
The App itself does not provide a direct link to a form, but you don’t need it to make it happen.
Visit to the form page with Chrome (use the shareable link) . Click in the navigation bar of the browser, on the right you will find a button “Create a QR code for this page”.

Great! Thank you both so much for this valuable information!!

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