Community session: The evolution of monday WorkForms

:thinking: Curious about the progression of WorkForms since its development in 2022? Eager to see how the layout we’re familiar with today came to life in August '23? Wondering about the innovative minds behind these developments?

Join us for a captivating Zoom event dedicated to the journey and transformation of WorkForms - one of the most useful tools to collect and survey data. In this session you will hear directly from the WorkForms team about different use cases and the upcoming roadmap for monday WorkForms.

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When I registered, the registration form and invite show this on April 17, not April 25. Please confirm which is accurate.

Hi Joanna! Sorry about the confusion. We had to move the date to May 7th. It will be a great session and your registration automatically adjusted so need to sign up again!

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Has this session been recorded and was it uploaded anywhere?


Hi! Is there a recording of this session? Thanks.

Also looking for a recording to view. Is there a link you can share here?

Edit: Found it: The evolution of monday WorkForms (session recording)

Hi Everyone! Yes the recording can be found here! You can also comment your thoughts on the video!