Conditional Coloring Between 2 Values

I want to highlight numbers between 1 and 100 as red, yellow, or green

  • Numbers from 75 to 100 would be highlighted as green
  • Numbers from 50 to 75 would be highlighted as yellow
  • Anything less than 50 would be highlighted as red

Currently the function to select a range between two different numbers is not available. This would greatly help the visual effects when reporting out on data.


Ranges would make sense. So would being able to reorder the conditions.

You can do what you want now using just a bit of logic. The later conditions take precedence. So, if you define your conditions in order:

  1. number < 100 green
  2. number < 75 yellow
  3. number < 50 red


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Thank you. That seems to work!



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