Connect Boards Column - Select item from connected board using the contents of another column instead of the first column

There is a board named “Parts”, where items are like “iPhone 12 screen” or “Sumsung Galaxy 22 vibration motor”
There is another board named “Part Types” where the items are like “PartType-001” with description “Mobile Phone display” or “PartType-002” with decription “Motor”.

The boards are 2-way connected, so there is a column on the “Parts” board where I can select what part type each part is, drawing from the entries of the “Part Type” board. At the same time, I can go to my “Part Type” board and there is a column that lists all the parts of the first board that are of the specific Part Type.

That’s all good, the problem is, when I’m on the first board and I want to select the “Part Type”, the list of options is a cryptic “PartType-001”, “PartType-002”, etc, instead of being “Display”, “Motor” etc. Is there a way that the dropdown selection on the connect board column (also) shows another column besides the default 1-st column of the connected board?

Would it be viable for the first column to contain BOTH, with there being two columns - one for the PartType-001 and the other a description column, with the name (first column) being the two of them PartType-001/Motor together?

Thank you for your reply. It’s a good suggestion but it’s not ideal. If there’s no other way, I guess I’ll do that, but I was hoping there’s another way.