Connect boards issues with a product board

Hey guys, first post here. I hope you can help.
I am using the supplied Products Board. I am unsure on where I orginally found this and I don’t know how to find out…This is not my problem though. My problem is that I have connected this board to a quotations board subitems. When I make a change to the item description of price on the quotations page, it also updates the products page. What I am wanting is for the products list to be a starting point for our estimators and then allow them to make specific changes on the quote they are working on, but this is NOT to then update the description of price on the products page.

I’ve screen shotted a few things here for a better explanation.
Product boards

Quotation Board - I have opened where the product is chosen from:

The following just shows one product that has been selected - please note the 12345 in the description as I will change this and show the result on the product page next

This shows that the description has changed (the 12345) has been removed - this is still the quotation board.

Now the products board - see how it has changed as well:

So the problem is the products board needs to remain static and the quotations board should be able to have changes made to it.

I am assuming I am using the wrong boards or method - I hope someone can help me work through this.

thank you all