Connecting/Mirroring Boards and Removing Colums

Our events team currently has a master events tracker that they use to record all the data related to our events. They are looking to create separate boards for our regional teams to make the information in each region easier to find.

The master board has a lot of information/noise that is not relevant to the sales teams, so we are looking for a way to create regional boards that can pull the right information from the master board (based on certain filters or criteria) AND only show the information from the master board relevant to their role. Basically, we want to mirror entire columns from the master board into the regional boards but filtered based on the region that they are in.

Is there a recommended way to create/mirror boards that restricts both certain items as well as specific columns?

There are a few different ways to do it. You could set up a bunch of automations/mirror columns etc.

However, I’d recommend using the app ‘Same Item Multiple boards’. Then you can have a column that specifies which ‘region’ that pulse belongs to. Once the ‘region’ is selected, it could then automatically also add it to the specific region board. The nice thing about using the SIMB app is that any changes made to the item on either board would ‘flow’ both directions.

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