Contact activity at a company level

We have the situation of many contacts (on Contacts Board) that are all connected with their Company (Companies Board). The problem we have is looking at that company we cannot see when the last email correspondence was, without going into each contact in turn!!
Has anybody been able to cross-reference contact email activity to the company? Or found a work-around?
I imagine I’m not the first person to want to know when the company was last emailed/had some activity on it

Hi @abonsey - I am not sure how you are showing last email correspondence (possibly via status or date) but you could just mirror the column from the Contact board to the Company board as you mention they are connected.

Hope this helps!

Hi, @mark.anley - the email trail is shown in Updates as we use the ‘pulse’ to bcc
That’s great at a Deal or Contact level but when there’s a Company with many contacts we cannot see who was last communicated with… and therefore requires chasing… and that’s an issue