Converting Currencies using Formula Column

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I feel like this should be quite simple to solve for, however I’m lousy at formulas and looking for someone that could steer me in the right direction please.

What I need the formula to do is convert the value depending on the Country column. The formula should read like the below, but using the correct formatting…

’IF ‘Country’ is ‘United States’ MULTIPLY ‘Value’ by 1.32 AND IF ‘Country’ is ‘Spain’ MULTIPLY ‘Value’ by 1.49

Any help would be appreciated!


Try this:

{Value} * SWITCH({Country}, "United States", 1.32, "Spain", 1.49, 1)

You can add as many countries and multipliers as you want. The final “1” at the end is the multiplier that would be used if the country is not in the list.

Or, you might prefer this:

IF(SEARCH({Name},"United States,Spain,....")>0, {Value} * SWITCH({Name}, "United States", 1.32, "Spain", 1.49, 1), "ERROR")

This will return “ERROR” if the country is not in the list.

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