Simple conversion formula

Hi all,

I have been trying to insert an automated conversion through the formula below but could not get it to work. Any help or tips is much appreciated!


So the basic logic is:
if currency column shows USD → Multiply the data in “amount” column by 2
if currency column shows EUR → multiply the data in “amount” column by 4
if currency column shows GBP → multiply the data in “amount” column by 7

However, with this formula, only the last part works (GBP condition). Whenever I choose USD or EUR in the “currency” column, it breaks down.

Thanks a lot in advance for all the tips!


You might try this:

   "USD", ROUND({Amount}*2,0),
   "EUR", ROUND({Amount}*4,0),
   "GBP" ,ROUND({Amount}*7),0),

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Hey Jim, did a couple tweaks and it worked. Thank you very much!