Set a value dynamically until a status changes but retain the value as at the date of change

Hi all, new to here so please let me know if I’m posting in the wrong place!

I have a board that contains sales opportunities in different currencies. I am converting them to GBP once per week which needs to happen dynamically until the sale is closed. We mark that using a status column. Once the sale is closed, we don’t want the GBP value to change but we do want to retain the value at the point of changing the status to a closed status. Is there a way to do this?

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Hi @charmagne.rbt ,
If I am understanding correctly:
You want a function to run weekly to update the converted currency to GBP ONLY if the sale is not closed.

Do you want the conversion to calculate when the sale is closed or just to no longer update it?

You would need to to happen/work through a custom app but is doable.

I have already set up a formula to do the currency conversion and that is working fine (I am looking up from another board where the rate is converting once a week so I only have this single action occurring). I would like the value to remain static once the opportunity is set to won because that is the value we would record the sale at - i.e. convert right up until it is closed but for the value to be fixed at that point.

Unfortunately the API can’t read formula columns. So to do what you are asking the conversion calculation would need to happen outside Monday in the custom integration.

Okay, thanks for responding!