Currency conversion

Hello there,
I would like to set a different currency on every line. Like a supplier from France in Euros and one from USA in dollars. And the sum of the column in Swiss franc, with automatic conversion.
Line 1: $50
Line 2: £23
Line 3: €98
TOTAL in €

Is this possible?
Many thanx,

Hi Céline.
The only way that I can imagine to accomplish what you need is by setting up three columns in your board:
(1) The amount expressed in the original currency
(2) The conversion rate between the currency defined in (1) and Swiss Franc
(3) Formula type field representing the amount expressed in Swiss Franc: (1) * (2)

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Marvellous answer @agranville,
But for a wonderful app like Monday we could imagine an nice column who can do the conversion by itself and we could change the rate in one unique place.
You solution is great but we have to change every conversion rate one by one if it change a lot.
I hope they will do something like that in a futur release.
Have a nice day