Converting Subitems to Items


We are looking to convert subitems to items within our application. It seems this is not possible via automation but can be done manually. For us, doing it manually wouldn’t work so we are looking for any suggestions on how we can make this possible (or achieve the same end goal going a different route - we are open to any and all suggestions).

Currently, we have a board to track our orders. Some orders that we do are for multiple sites. With the product sets that we sell, each site can have a different configuration - so it is important that for multi site items/orders, we are able to specify the configuration per site.

My idea was to have all general order info/“columns” at the item level and then have all site specific order information at the sub-item level. And then once our order is placed, it moves to our “Compensation” board to track sales that are complete. The idea was for each item to move over to the “Compensation” board and then each subitem is converted into it’s own item for “Compensation” (it is very important that each site is in Compensation as a separate item - even though it is 1 “Order” each site is Comped separately).

Are there any workarounds to achieve this? Any integrations to automatically convert Subitems to items? Or even any 3rd parties that can build this custom automation for us?

We are open to any ideas -


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Hey Zach, I’ve ran into similar issues and your best bet is finding an already built integration that you can subscribe to. I would recommend using (Formerly Integromat) it’s a low code / no code API solution that lets you perform custom actions. I’m currently using it to create and synchronize items across multiple boards and subitems etc.

At the moment we are able to create one item manually (i.e. a single order) and from there you create your site specific orders. (or you can set up other automations via to automatically create subitems based on customers and items ordered etc.) You can then set it up so that when the status changes to “Sold” or whatever you use to denote that the sale has finalized, it will automatically move or re-create those items in whatever board you want.

You are likely going to have look outside of the included feature set. If you have any questions about feel free to send me a DM!

Hi @zperp , I would like to confirm if you wanted the subitems to be moved as item. Would it improved the overall process if you have the capability to have items (and subitems) live on multiple boards? Thanks

We don’t need to have the items live on separate boards - we just need to be able to convert subitems to items via automation (or something else with a similar effect).

@rodneyz tagging you here just to make sure you received my response. Thanks