Copy Board Description & Permissions Setting from Templates

When setting an automation to create a new board from a template it would be nice to have the Board Description and Permission settings copy over too.
Our company uses a process to create the same detail board routinely for new projects and keeping our version number (which we keep in the board description) carried over would really help trouble shooting.
Also having the template board permissions copy over to another new board that is created off it would save a lot of headaches.

Hey Ben!

I hear you on this. At this stage, this isn’t currently supported, however do see the value in allowing for the description and permissions to carry over. I apologise for the setback here!

Please submit this as a feature request via the forum to increase votes, and put greater emphasis on the development of this feature.

Thank you in advance :pray:

Hi Bianca - I am unable to change the discussion type above. Would you be able to set it to “Feature request” on my behalf?

For sure! We have the converted the post into a feature request for you!