Copy item & subitems to board but disconnect from existing connected columns


I have a Materials Price List ‘Board A’ which is connected to an Estimating Table ‘Board B’ using a connected column and a series of mirror columns.

I would like to, upon a status change, copy the item including all associated subitems into a Pricing Table ‘Board C’ however I would like the data to be hard pasted and the connection to ‘Board B’ and by lineage, ‘Board A’ to be dropped automatically. This is to ensure that any subsequent changes to the ‘Board A’ do not influence margin/ costing assumptions on the committed estimate/ price.

Is this possible using automations?

I can create a new item in ‘Board C’ but this does not pull through the subitems;
I can duplicate the item in ‘Board B’ first and then move it to ‘Board C’ which carries through the subitems to ‘Board C’ but the connected column remain in force.



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Hello Lewis,

If I undarstand correctly your case, you can set an automation in which upon a status change, create an item in board C, and inside the automation reciepe you can configure how the item will populate in board C, so if you do not need the connect board column you can leave it empty. Moreover, if board C does not include a connect board column, then this column will not be populated in that board.

I hope this helps,

Hi Oz.

Unfortunately this only creates the item not the nested subitems.

I think the only solution is to duplicate the item and then move it.



Hey @lpickersgill,

I am afraid you’re correct about this. Currently, subitems will not pull across with newly created item via automation. In order for the subitems to remain with the item, you will indeed need to duplicate and move the item. I apologise for the setback here, and will definitely pass this feedback onto our product team for review! Just regarding the connection, when the item is moved from Board B to Board C, you’d like for the item’s connected to Board A to automatically disable upon arriving in Board C? Is this correct?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Hi Bianca,

Thanks for the response.

Yes on proposed disconnection of items.



Thanks for confirming this! Unfortunately automatic disconnection isn’t currently supported, and you would still need to manually disconnect those items in Board A once the items have arrived in Board C. Again this is feedback we have noted, and will forward to our product team :pray:

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