Copying & Pasting from Mobile App to Instagram

Hello! My team has transitioned to using for all of our marketing planning and posting, which includes our organic social media posts to both Facebook and Instagram. Our Social Media Manager uses the app to copy and paste pre-written posts onto Instagram from existing items in our boards. However, the developers have confirmed that there is a bug in the formatting when pasting from the mobile app to Instagram. Little black question marks in boxes randomly populate into the copied text, but you cannot see these until the posts have been published on Instagram. This means she is unable to know when and where those black question marks will show up in her Instagram posts.

This is extremely difficult when she goes to post Reels, since the captions of Reels cannot be edited to take out those back question marks once the Reel has been posted.

Right now there are no work-arounds, except pasting the whole post into a Word document, clearing the formatting (which can remove the emojis in the post), and then copying and pasting it into the Instagram app. Fixing this formatting feature would be a huge help for our team and others who want to utilize as a social media marketing platform.

Thank you for considering this!