Monday adds invisible formatting characters to plain text


We are running into a strange problem. For context; we use a Monday board as a content calendar to plan lots of social media posts for multiple companies. Each item on the board represents one post, and the most convenient (and only?) way to add each post description seems to be trough the conversation / comment tab.

However, When I type plain text into the comment section (like in the attachment), Monday seems to add invisible formatting characters which serve as line breaks / spaces / tabs. Those characters are not visible to me when I copy and paste them, but apparently Instagram does not recognize them and substitutes them with replacement characters. The result is that the texts under our many social media posts are filled with question marks which we have to remove manually after posting.

To clarify, the problem is not related to the use of any emoji’s.

This might not seem like a big issue but it’s quite inconvenient for our workflow, thanks in advance for any help!

Fin van Duin

I’m also experiencing this issue.