✏️ Edit the different formats in the Updates text box

Hello lovelies :wave:

I’m moving from Notion to Monday, and I can’t figure how to edit the different formats in the Updates text box:

When I copy text from Notion, it handles the pasted formatting inconsistently, also, I find it arbitrary that there’s only one heading format (Heading 4), and wanted to know if it’s possible to add new ones, or update existing ones.

The text box in this very forum where I’m typing this message in has markdown support, and I don’t understand why would that not be supported for Updates.

I havnt used Monday in ages, so this might very well be my lack of knowledge

Hey @NirBenita, thanks for posting baout this!

At the moment it’s not possible to add new heading formats, although we are actively working on supporting more font and size options to the updates section.

Would you be able to write into support@monday.com about the inconsistent formatting when copying and pasting from Notion? This may be a bug we need to address. Are you pasting and hitting “match style” or pasting as plain text?