Can you paste as plain text into Monday updates?

I couldn’t find anything about this specifically, which kinda surprised me.

In addition to using the Updates feature for talking with each other about tasks, we also save a lot of useful info in the updates threads. A lot of it is text that gets copied from a website or a PDF.

Unfortunately, Monday carries all the source formatting (including background colors) for the original when it pastes. Sometimes that’s okay, but most of the time, we just want the plain text.

Is there a way to paste plain text only?

We’ve been working around it by pasting the text into Windows Notepad first, which strips out all formatting, and then copying/pasting the text into Monday, but it’s an irritating extra step.

You can instead of using Ctrl+V, use Ctrl+Shift+V to paste only the text content without formatting. And install browser extensions like Copy PlainText or Copy as Plain Text to simplify copying and pasting plain text online. This should save you that extra step via Notepad!

Solved! Duh, that should have been obvious to me. Much appreciated!

Alternatively - if you are on Windows, you can also just right click and select „paste as plain text“ :wink:

Good point, but the right-click option only works if you’re using Monday through a web browser – unfortunately not if you’re using the desktop app.


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