How can I paste the value only in a Doc in

I love but so many thing frustrate me all the time. Here is one of them

Why I cannot paste the value of something in a Doc ? For example, If I copy an email or a link from a website and paste then I just want the value. Everywhere else I just click CMD + V or CMD + SHIFT + V to paste the value but is just different. This is so frustrating.

Hey @MohammedElkhatib - sorry to hear our frustrations which have certainly been taken into consideration :pray:

In regard to monday docs, we are certainly aware of some of its limitations and the team is working hard to address and resolve them. As for pasting values into the doc via CMD +V, having just tested this on my end, the values should have pasted pretty seamlessly. Clearly this is not the case on your end, and I’d recommend reaching out to in-case our team of tech specialists need to investiage!