Correct mutation request JSON is sent to, but column value doesn't update accordingly. How to debug?

Hi, a beginner here asking for API help. (ChatGPT has already brought me far but I’m still a bit stuck) I’m trying to update my board according to changes in Google Sheets. My GoogleSheets is able to send out the following JSON string mutation request:

{ “query”: “mutation { change_column_value (board_id: 4353413926, item_id: 4353413947, column_id: "__", value: "{"text":"2521"}") { id } }” }

Which I think is correctly formulated for the API to receive. Board ID, Column ID, and Item ID have all been checked to be correct. API token is, I think, also correct (At least I’m not getting an error from the Google Sheets side).
However, I’m not seeing the change requested by this string on
On the individual board items, I’m not seeing any API requests in their individual update. Likely the JSON never reached them.

How can I see if overall has received this API request from outside, what was received, and how it was interpreted?
If someone can let me know how to debug or check this, or any potential reason why this is not working, please let me know!

Thank you!

Hi @delat52472,

Could you please share your full request?

At minimum, you’ll need the following as part of your request-

your request should be sent to our API endpoint:

Requests to the API should follow these rules:

  • POST request with a JSON-formatted body
  • Access token must be sent in the Authorization header. Learn more here: Authentication
  • All queries (including mutations) should be sent with the query key in your JSON body
  • Optional variables should use the variables key
  • Content Type header must be application/json, unless you’re uploading Files