Count connected items

I’m looking for a way to place the number of connected items in another connect board into an number collumn on parent board. In landlords i would like to see how many properties.


You can use the formula column for this.

In the landlords board add a formula column, In the formula column there is a count variable when you select a connect board column, see screenshot below. Select in the formula the property boards connect column.

Let me know if you need further assistance with this.

Thank you, but when I try that it returns 0 as the result regardless of the actual number.



When you click on columns in the formula builder you will see all your board columns, the connected board column which on your borad is called “link to Dig…” will be a dropdown if you click on the dropdown you will have two options Names and Count if you select Count your formula will look like the screenshot below if you save this that should give you the count.

Hope this helps

Let me know if you need further assistances.

Thank you, Sir! That did exactly what I wanted to do.


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