Count items in one board from within another?

I have two boards - one “Customer” board and a separate board with Customer tickets.

I would like to have a column in my “Customer” board that stores a count of all tickets related to the Customer in my other board.

I have a mirrored “Customer Name” column in my Customer ticket board.

Is this possible?

I’m a newbie - any help appreciated!

Hi SanaGrant

Cool that you ask your question here. Sure, it is possible to do what you want.

To achieve this, you go to the “Ticket” board and create a column with the type “Link Item to”. Then you select the board “Customer” and you have to select “link only one item” and “Show column in other board as well”. After that, you can link the tickets to the respective customer and see all linked tickets in the customer board.

Does this solve your problem?


Thanks for the reply! This did get me most of the way there. Once I linked the boards - I added an additional formula column to count the number of tickets.

I used this: SUM({Customer Tickets#Count}) where Customer Tickets is the column I added to the Customers board, if that makes sense?

Thanks so much!

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Hey @SanaGrant!

Another way to go would be using the autonumber column, and mirroring that last item in the autonumber column in Customername board.

Just wanted to throw that option in there :slight_smile:

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