Counting the number of selected items from a connected board

Hi - I am new to Monday. I am trying to link boards and get a count of what was linked. Here is my scenario.
I have 2 boards, one with customers and one with features.
The customer board uses a connect to the feature board and gives me a pick list so that I can choose from the list of available features what a customer is using. New features go on the feature board and are immediately available to choose for customers.
Back in the feature board, I want to be able to add a column which counts the number of customers that is using each feature.

Board1. FeaturePick
Customer1 : Feature1,Feature2
Customer2: Feature1
Customer3 : Feature3

Board 2: No. of Customers (count of board 1)
Feature1 : 2
Feature2 : 1
Feature 3 : 1

I have been trying for quite some time with no success. Any pointers/solutions would be most gratefully received.


As long as none of the item names in board1 have commas, this should work:

IF({Link to Board1}, 
   LEN({Link to Board1}) - LEN(SUBSTITUTE({Link to Board1}, ",", "")) + 1
, 0)

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Thanks @JCorrell - not sure that this works. The linking to another board (in this case in another workspace) in a function appears to not be available just now, looking at Cross-board formula implementaton - #25 by jlaroche.
Am I misunderstanding your solution?


Give it a shot. Pretty sure it will do what you want.


I reread your initial post. My formula assumes that both your boards have a connect boards column linking back to the other board.

If you do not already have a bidirectional link, I would recommend deleting the existing connect boards column and recreating it making sure to select the “Create a two-way connection” option at the bottom:

thanks @JCorrell - that was the missing piece - Thank you so much - it works perfectly.

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