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I am trying to set up a dashboard to analyze the monthly activity of a certain user.
Each user gets a row in a group.
Along the row, there are 7 statuses (with 2 identical values in all columns dog & cat) and 7 Time-Tracking columns.
I want to summarize in the dashboard in a pie diagram, how many of the values in the statuses are of each type. For that matter 3 Cat and 4 Dog then make a matching chart.
I tried to approach it this way and could not find a way to produce the requested diagram. So I thought of creating 2 formula columns, which would run on the row and count the cells that are Cat and the cells that are Dog. Then export a diagram from the data from both rows.
My question is whether and how to execute the command Countif(Status1:Status7 = “Dog”).
In addition, I need to summarize from the same row the average of all the time tracking times of that user.
Thanks a lot!

Hi Tal,

No CountIf in I’m afraid. The basic reason for that is that doesn’t see those columns as the same. Even if you name them the same, that doesn’t change’s understanding. It still doesn’t see them as similar.

You’ll also have difficulty getting to summarize that data in pie chart. There may be a workaround, but the logical way to structure this would be to have a board for users and a board for pets (or animals)—you could also use subitems for animals.

On one board, each item represents a user. On the other other, each represents an individual animal. Then you can connect the boards together using a connect boards column.

At this point, you’ll be able to mirror data between the two boards and create summaries as sums or averages. That will give you the count for cats or dogs, as well as a way of averaging time spent (store that data on the pets board and then mirror it to the users board).

This would be a more logical structure in

I know this probably isn’t the answer you were looking for!

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