Formulas + Automations CountIFs

I am trying to use a formula that will allow me set an automation. However, this formula does not seem to work and is saying READY even when I have items unchecked.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Brooke,

COUNTIF just isn’t available as a function.

The key here is that you’re trying to use like a spreadsheet. is a database and will never work in quite that way. It definitely seems a little idiosyncratic if you’re accustomed to working in Excel!

In order to do something like “CountIF”, you’d need to connect the source items to a summary item in another board or as the children of a parent item. Then you could create a condition to populate various columns with 1 or 0 and summarize that.

Here’s a simple approach:

Use this formula to mark 1 or 0 depending on the status of the subitem:


Make sure you “show summary on parent item” and select “sum” so that it sums those values. Then you can duplicate that summary column and set it to “count” for a total number of the values.

Once that’s configured, you can use the simple forum below:

    {Done Check}={Count},
    "Working on it"

It’s important to move away from thinking about different rows as behaving differently. Each row is a type of data and it should all be the same type of data. If you need a different type of data, such as a total or a high-level view, that should be defined differently as either a parent/subitem or its own board entirely.

The above solution can be made to work similarly using connected boards.

I hope that points you in the right direction! Good luck with your solution and always feel free to reach out if you need help.