Automation involving counting numbers

Screenshot 2023-12-20 122417
In this item, we have a total of calls made that are added from numbers in the subitems. I’d like to set up an automation that sends a notification to a team member when the count is over x amount.

This is the automation I attempted, but it didn’t work. Is there another way I can go about this?

Hi @cmarth

Looks like you are using the column in the parent that is created automatically when you selected “Show summary in parent” from the subitems. I don’t believe the trigger “When column changes” fires on this (mirror-like) column created in the parent.

Alternatively, the app Rollup Subitems summarizes subitem column data into normal columns (in this case a number column). Because this app aggregates to a normal number column you are able to use the automation(s) you prefer.