Count people in persons column

It would be very helpful to count the number of people in a persons column in a formula. With the workload view / widget I was solving overload by putting an additional person to a task. As it is now I have to adapt the estimated hours column manually. I would love to use something like:
=DIVIDE(Estimate{}, COUNT(Owners{}))

Good news! In monday.labs is a “hidden” feature called Column Variants.

With that enabled the function DIVIDE({Hrs.},{Owner(s)#Count}) does exactly what I need.

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Excellent, i was doing this via another concatenated functions…

Information only so others can benefit.

Now this is working, I ran into an issue with workloads. In my planning I use an estimated number of hours (Hrs.). For some tasks (like reading / reviewing a document or meeting) the workload is based on this estimate for ALL people in the assigned column.

However, if you have a task to create a document (let’s say an estimate of 40 hrs). Assigning 2 people will decrease the workload per person, but there is an overhead (in my case 10%) if you write with more people on a single document. So I ended up with an extra column (checkbox) next to the estimate where I can define that the estimate is fixed. Another (hidden) column is used in the workload widget / view and holds the formula:

IF({Fixed}, {Hrs.},ROUNDUP(({Hrs.}+{Hrs.}0.1({Owner(s)#Count}-1))/{Owner(s)#Count},0))

Have fun!

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