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I am trying to create a daily “To-Do” task list for my team. This task list is ever changing (as most are). The thing is I often add tasks multiple weeks in advance, and the dates they need completed will inevitably change (although some cannot). My team has been used to just viewing a shared Google Doc. As a result, I could just put an additional carriage return between the dates when tasks are planned to be executed, so it was easy for them to see what was needed to be done that day, as opposed to siphon through everything needing done that month. As I said, the needs change, so what had been planned for Monday the 1st might need to be bumped back to Wednesday the 3rd. Sometimes it happens where the team gets pulled to something that “popped up” more urgently, so a lower priority task may not get done when it was planned for. I hesitate to try to use priorities, and then sort thereby, because something that needs to be done today may be a lower priority, but something that has to wait until a future date may be organizationally critical. If I were to just make the things for the day all “Critical”, that would then diminish the effectiveness of the “Critical” label on the tasks that are indeed critical.

I have been utilizing the sort-by-date and time feature, which helps. I would like to see if there was a way to just have aesthetically pleasing spaces between the last task of a day, and the first task of the next day. Something where it would not only sort-by-date, but always keep a space where it sees the date has changed, and then be dynamic to adapt itself if a task’s date changes.

Does anyone know how to do something like this? As there are so many dates, I don’t want to create a new group for each date, as that will have potential to get messy and out of hand quickly, and it also would inhibit the ease of the team to be able to look ahead and see if there is a task in the upcoming days they can accomplish if time allows on the given day. I really would like to just keep one group, “Daily To-Do Assignments”, that separates into spacing similar to when there is a subitem showing, how it has just a little more spacing, when it sees the date has changed.

Thank you!

Hey Mark,

Hm, I am interested if our dependency feature coupled with our timeline numeric combo might help here?

Screen Shot 2024-01-30 at 3.43.29 pm

I ask this as it will allow you to set up this spacing between tasks, in based on the duration set up in the numbers columns, while also enabling auto-adjustment if dates/timelines changes across your to-do list. That said, I think I may potentially be misunderstanding, so you’re welcome to elaborate further in the form of a visual or short screen-recording (you can use the free, online tool,

I look forward to hearing from you!