Create a folder with multiple boards in workspace template

Hi Guys,

I’m new to and have been looking to create a template folder using workspace template feature.
My need is to pack my list of boards into a folder and create it as a template. So that when any one tries to install my template they get the whole folder with all the templates inside it. Please refer the below screenshot

As of now i was only able store a single board in workspace template.
Kindly let me know how this can be achieved. Thanks in advance.

Hello there @Sarfaraz and welcome to the community!

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When you create an app with a workspace template feature in it, when you configure your workspace template and choose the workspace you want to use, the entire workspace will be added to that template.

What do you mean you are only seeing a single board in the template?

What steps are you taking to create the workspace template feature and what steps are you taking to add those boards from the template?

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Hello @Matias.Monday

Thanks for your reply.
So this is what i did.

  1. I created a workspace with there required board views under a folder
  2. Then i went and created a new app with workspace template feature selection and under workspace template tab i selected Time Reporting Workspace Template which i wanted to save.
  3. I selected the landing page and saved the feature.
  4. I then published the application and installed to a new workspace that i had created and only one board was visible.

Kindly do let me know if you need more information and what i’m doing wrong here.


Hello there @Sarfaraz,

I can see that the “Time Reporting” board is a template itself.

I believe when you are “adding from templates”, you are probably not using the app’s workspace, but rather the template that that board is on it’s own (it has the magic wand symbol next to the name).

Try changing the name of your workspace template feature in your app to something very different like AAA. Put it in a specific category.

Then click on “Add” and click on “Add from templates” and look for AAA.

If I am correct, you should then see all your boards.

Let me know if that was the case!


@Matias.Monday I made the changes as you suggested and it worked.
Now i know what was the mistake i was make.
Thanks for helping me out on this. Have a nice day.

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Hello there,

I am glad this is working now!

Glad to help :slightly_smiling_face:

Let me know if you have any other questions!