Create Automations Permissions

Hi everyone,
Admins can now control which types of users can create automations!
Today we released a new feature that enables admins to chose which types of users can create automations in the account. The feature can be found in the Admin page in the Permissions tab.

The Automations button in the board will be disabled/enabled according to the user’s permissions.

As you can see in the example above, the Integrations button is enabled, while the Automations button is disabled since only admins are allowed to create automations in this account.
By default, the Create Automations button will be enabled to all users.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


i cant see this in my admin section, the last ítem is Tidy Up.
Can you help me please?

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We have the same issue here. No Permissions option.

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hi @liorke
so, how we can begin to use this functions???

I believe this is an Enterprise feature. @liorke can you confirm? Oh, that’s disappointing :disappointed:

Could that be made clear in all future announcements of New Features so that those of us on lesser plans don’t get too excited?

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Im disappointed too…
that´s a super feature!
we are in a Pro plan, to have this would be awesome…

+1, im fully support that.

Should be on pro 100%. Or at least a paid extra. Enterprise is not an option for the vast majority of businesses.