Create_item mutation with board-relation value - what's the value format?

I’m trying to create_item with several column values. I can set numeric and people columns fine, but I don’t see documentation for board-relation type in API v2 Documentation. I’ve tried several formats, but all of them fail.

What’s the correct format? Is is even possible to set board-relation when creating new item?

This is the example create_item.column_values parameter I supply (API v2 Documentation):

column_values: "{"person":"18234018", "connect_boards4":"987172748", "numbers":"1"}"

person and numbers columns get set correctly, but my connect_boards4, which is of type board-relation fails. I tried following structures:

  • "connect_boards4":"{\"linkedPulseIds\":[{\"linkedPulseId\":987172748}]}" - responds with 500
  • "connect_boards4":"987172748"- ColumnValueException: Link to item column value structure invalid
  • "connect_boards4":"[{\"linkedPulseId\":987172748}]" - as above
  • "connect_boards4":"{\"added_pulse\":{\"linkedPulseId\":987172748}}" - as above
  • "connect_boards4":"[987172748]" - as above

Thanks for help!

It is actually documented, but under different name:

Works now, thanks!

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