Create items from multiple forms with different identifier

I got 2 forms that are identical that are adding leads to my pipeline.
I want to identify in the pipeline from which form i got the lead.

Is there a way to identify the form?

Hey @doribak, good question!

You could send the results from different forms to different groups in your board. So the top group could be “Pipeline Form A” and the second group could be “Pipeline Form B”.

You can find this option in the Form View settings:

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Yeah that’s great but why they can’t be added to the same group with different identifiers?

Hey @doribak,

Eazyform, which is listed in the monday apps marketplace supports item default values for not only group but also for status and dropdown columns, so that should meet your needs. Check it out, it has a 14 days free trial.

Eazyform won a best craftmanship prize in the recent monday apps contest.

Feel free to contact me directly if needed.

Ronen Babayoff

Another issue with the forms google translate won’t translate iframe and there’s no options for different languages while keeping the columns in English.

@rbabayoff great solution but costs per month 50% of the monday, if it was 5$ a month for the forms i would take it.

We have a situation where we created a duplicate board and put the form on the duplicate. When a new items is created using the form, we have an automation change a status and use that to trigger a move to the primary board.

You could use that to same idea to set different identifiers. I don’t understand the language issue but this might be a help here as well, if you used multiple duplicate boards to feed to the primary board.