Create manual reminders on tasks

Is there a way to create a reminder on a task manually?

Not based on x days before due date or automated based on other conditions.

Just simply, create task and set myself a reminder to look at it at the end of the week - something like this.

Hi @zigojacko - if you have a date column (folow up date) and you have yourself assigned to the task (via the people column) you can easily attach this as a “due date” to be reminded when it has come due.


Hope this helps!

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Thanks Mark.

So I’ve created a new column called ‘Follow Up’ and connected it to the ‘Status’ and the ‘Person’ column as you’ve suggested.

So now, based on the below, I should receive an reminder via email for this task on 25th June?

No problem @zigojacko - one last step that I forgot to mention (what you have done will give you a visual reminder). You just need to use the “Set Due Date Reminders” option on the column. This will create an automation to alert you when the date arrives.


You can customize the automation timing of when to notify you:

This only need to be created once and it will work for each date you enter into the column.


@mark.anley Ah I see. I am trying to set the due date reminders but the ‘Add To Board’ button is greyed out and can’t be clicked for some reason…

@zigojacko you need to click on the notify text to fill in the text of what the notification will say. Once you fill that in you will be able to add it to the board.

Ah got ya - I didn’t even notice that the text colour was different indicating that first time round, all sorted now - ideal, thanks for your help :+1:

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As i told you, there’s a way in Monday for sure! lol :joy:

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