Create new board and link items

Hi all,

I’m looking to create a basic project overview and project detailed board setup.

Board#1 (overview) - Has items that will be inserted by a form, showing all projects in progress
Board#2 (individual) - Detailed view of each project (one board per project), ability to mark task status
Board#3 (individual) - as above
Board#4 (individual) - as above
Board#5 (individual) - as above

What I’m trying to do is automate it so that when an item is created on Board#1 that it creates the new board AND links them.

There’s one automation that I found (but could not do manually) called “When a status changes to something, create a new board and notify someone”.
Now that’s not exactly what we want but we can easily add a column that says “Create Detailed View” and then have the above run.

However, that won’t link the two together automatically.

Does anyone have any advice on how this can be achieved?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @GregBennett :wave:

Welcome to the community!

There exists a similar recipe in ‘When status changes to something, create an item in board and connect boards with column’ that you may find useful. There’s a bit of tweaking involved but it will work within it’s parameters. Another work around can be to ensure the connection is two way connection between the boards and add the recipes AFTER the columns are in place, which will help with the automatic linkage of the items.

If you get stuck, feel free to drop me an email via with further information or use the below link to arrange a quick meeting with me and we can have an informal chat on your current set up and how you need it to operate.

Chat with Peta

Thanks and kind regards,
Peta - upstream

Thanks Peta. Unfortunately that recipe only creates an item ON a board, but doesn’t create a NEW board. I’m looking for something that can create a new board and then link so that updates to the ‘detailed’ board (one for each project) are updated on the overview board.


hi @GregBennett

Welcome to the community! Have you had a chance to look at this app:

It creates a detailed (project) board - based on a template - on status change and links the item in the overview board with the created board. Linking is done without using the connect_boards and mirror columns. In stead there are recipes to watch columns in the detailed boards and aggregates data into the items in the overview boards.

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Thank you Basedebruin. I’ll take a look into that now.

Thank you Basedebruin. I’m looking for something preferably built into
Unfortunately I don’t have funding outside of the base product to implement that sort of thing.

Appreciate your help.

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Hey @GregBennett

I’m facing a similar situation. Let me know how did you manage to solve.

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Can you provide info on linking boards without the connect boards or mirror columns function? I’m trying to solve this same problem, and especially as I get into the automation - creating a new board from template when a new item is created in the overview board.

Is there a way to reference the newly created board in the automation? Self-referential new boards?

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hi @TuanLa

You can’t reference newly created board by automations (as far as I know). The app is build with the API and extensive programming. With the API you can create a board and getting hte boardId of the board created.

I need this same feature.

The automation, “when item created, create new board” is basically useless unless you can also link to that board.

I’m going to give this a try in, but I’m just constantly feeling disappointed in the limitations to Monday for what seem to be pretty obvious needs. And there’s no way I’m going to the substantial additional fee for another app to what Monday should be able to do in the first place.

If anyone else comes to a solution, I’d love to hear it.

OK. @GregBennett, I created a workaround. It still requires outside software, but it works.


Connect Monday and create modules:

  1. watch board’s items (set to watch master board where items are created)
  2. get board (choose the template you want to use to create the new board)
  3. create a new board using the info from the first make module and the template id from the second module (where you found the template)
  4. create new item (using info from the first three modules

Back in Monday -
Create a “Match” automation (you have to search for that one in the auto templates) on your template board that says, when new item created, connect that item with another board where name matches name in the other board… Then link the column to your master board.

Now, when a new item is created in the master board, make will spin off a new board for you using your template, then create a new item in that board, and then link it back to the matching item in the master board.

Hope that helps!

UPDATE: I’ve continued tweaking this formula to make it work. Let me know if you end up wanting more info

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