Create subitem issue

When we add subitem for any item it is observed that parent item has different columns and created subitem has different columns.

Why the columns of subitem are different than parent item?
Why subitem does not inherit similar columns as that of parent item?

Also, if we retrieve subitem then the board id is different than parent item’s board id? Why is that so? Because parent item & its subitem are part of same board which is visible on UI.

Hello @Yash,

This is because subitems are in a different hidden board that is embedded into the existing board.
So even though they seem to be on one board visually, there are different boards hence the difference in columns and ids.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @kolaai,

From where does these columns for subitem (which is created) are coming or getting populated on UI?


The columns for subitems - how are they getting picked up?

They are automatically created by just like when you create a new board. In fact, the columns created for a newly added subitem is identical to that of a newly created board.