First look of our new subitem/parent filter

Our community is the first to hear about a new feature update that we are gradually releasing. We received feedback that when adding subitems to your board, you may want to quickly add some (or all!) of the same column types that you have from your parent items to your subitems. You will soon be able to do this!

We are adding the ability to copy the columns of your choice from your parent item, directly to your subitems. This feature will be gradually release so keep a look out!

How to copy columns from your parent item to your subitems:

  1. Open up a subitem on your board.

  2. Click on the plus sign to the right of your final subitem column

3- Click on “Copy parent columns” (shown below)

Comment below with your thoughts and feedback about this feature. We would love to see how it will help with your boards!

Note: This capability does not create a sync between the subitem and parent item columns, it is only a copying action. Any changes made to a column in the parent items will not be reflected in the subitems (and vice versa).


Juliette - appreciate this update; however, the data in the cell is not copied, only the cell header. Connecting the parent with the subitem, then mirroring the cell requires that the mirrored cell be assigned to an item. This is a manual transaction each time an item is created.

we should have the possibility to copy the data from parent to subitem automaticaly. it would be much more practical.