Use formula to transfer cell info between parent and sub item cells

This is a very simple request. Would like to set a formula on a cell located on the sub item line to set the value equal to a cell on the parent line. This fix would save scrolling across a long amount of information on the parent line to manually transfer to a cell on the sub line. Big time saver! Thank you for your consideration.

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Hi Susan,

You would have to add a connect boards column at the sub-item level, connect it to the current board, then add a mirror column and select the item column you want to mirror.

Also see First look of our new subitem/parent filter although this new feature does not create a sync between the 2 columns (data is copied, but the 2 columns are disconnected).

Thanks for the info, G. My issue is not with the column headers but with the cell data. I guess that a Connect Board column is the way to go.