Create workspace API needed

I just found out that the API now supports creating a board within a given workspace (top !!). The next step for me would be to create an empty workspace through the API.

Any change for votes? :slight_smile:

Hi @basdebruin :wave:

Thanks for sharing, I think this would be a great addition to our API :slight_smile:

I’ve passed this along to our team for review, and as you noted, I’d like to invite the community to vote for this if it’s an addition to our API you’d find useful! :muscle:


During this week’s developer conference, it was mentioned that the ability to deliver an app based off an entire workspace’s set of boards (solution-level app) was coming “soon”. I assume they’ll need to solve the API ability to create a new workspace for that to work.

hi @PolishedGeek
I’ve noticed that one too and can’t wait to test the solutions out. Hope that workspace creation through the API is just a beginning of the solution approach. My bid management solution consist of multiple boards, automations and dashboards. It would be very helpful when “solutions” have the capability of access management (invite members & guest) that will be inherited by all the boards and dashboards making up the solution.

Hey @basdebruin - we’ve added the ability to create a workspace via the API!

Check it out here :slight_smile: -

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Really love this addition. For me the next step would be that we can specify (in the API) to which workspace we want to add a new board (additional argument in the create_board mutation).

Also want to be able to include natively built dashboards in a Workspace template app, hope that will be available soon?