Creating a recurring event in a Calendar

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I’m trying to create something simple but I’m doubting if it’s possible. I would like to organise my weekly workload by using the calendar view. I basically want to to have a recurring event (in this case a weekly meeting) to show up every Monday at 9am. I don’t seem to be able to do it without recreating the same element and setting the date every monday, with just overloads the regular view.

For my fellow apple calendar users, I’m trying to create an element where I can basically set the recurring date for every week.

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Hi @XavierPayan

Please try this automation:

“Every time period create an item”

Time period should be set to Weekly

Let me know if that works for you :slight_smile:

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Jesuena Estoque Reimer

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Hey @XavierPayan, what @Mindflows_Jesuena describes is a good solution however you’ll need to be careful that you set your dates properly so there is plenty of time for it to appear in their calendar (the last thing you want is for the monday meeting to be created monday morning :)).

You could also use a Monthly frequency and set up multiple meetings at once. or even a yearly frequency to setup 52 meetings for the year :slight_smile: (that would be a very long automation!).

Also with Date automations, you may want to keep in mind public holidays, etc so you can use enhanced formulas via General Caster or Column Magic to bump meetings to the next day if it falls on a holiday.

Hope this helps!
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Hi Jesuena and Mark,

Thank you for your quick replies. @Mindflows_Jesuena I tried your solution but the element only appears on the set date, and not on the following Mondays: is this the case that Mark explains where it will be created on the Monday morning?

@mark.anley how do I set my dates properly for my Monday meeting to appear on every Monday beforehand?

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Hi @XavierPayan - I figured it would be easier to explain how you can do this via this video. Basically, you can use a numeric column (1,2,3,4,etc) as an identifier of how many weeks to push out a meeting, then use a series of automations to set the dates appropriately. Not perfect, but you would only need to set it up once.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for your help Mark!!