Creating a sales board where each person has different targets (and units)

Hi everyone,

I need to create a sales tracking board for a few different sales people, who all have different targets and I’d love some advice.

They have four measurements we track: 1st call, 2nd call, proposals and deals won - however each person has different targets, for instance:

Linda targets: 15 1st meet, 10 2nd meet, 5 proposals, 3 deals won.
Andy targets: 10 1st meet, 8 2nd meet, 4 proposals, 2 deals won.
Pam targets: 12 1st meet, 7 2nd meet, 3 proposals, 1 deals won.

To help keep track of these targets, each column has its ‘units’ set to the number required - but the problem is that setting this once, applies it to all people which is wrong.

Is there a good way to handle this?

Hey @Jason_FuzzyLogic,

This appears based on this information to be absolutely something you can handle in Monday however a little more context around how you have things setup today and what the end results you are looking for would be beneficial. Feel free to reach out to me here directly via DM and we can work together to help determine the best solution.

Talk soon!

Thanks for offering to help. To explain the issue with images…

  • This images shows last year when we were only tracking one team
  • It shows each month, but if you look at just one month you can see that the first item being tracked, 1st Meet, has a target of 17. In the image you can see how many were achieved out of that.

  • Now we’re trying to track three different departments, each with different targets.
  • We can no longer have the /17 as each team is different.
  • In this image notice how we’ve had to add a column just for target. This is inelegant and adds complexity to the board, so we’d love a more suitable solution if possible.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Jason_FuzzyLogic, thanks for the additional information. Even with the screenshots the structure and overall goal are still a bit hazy for me. I think this may need some conversations outside of community messages for me to fully understand. If you’d like, feel free to DM me here or shoot me an email ( and we can figure something out to dive a little deeper.