Sales pipeline and targets management


I am looking for someone that can give me an example of sales pipeline and targets tracking.
I am looking to have bookings target to be set to an account executive and to be able to sum his pipeline and booked deals to show how much from his target was achieved.

Currently, I have tried to set up a pipeline management board using formulas and a column summary. while this showed me the pipeline and booked deals amount I could not find a way to compare it to the goal of the individual and also add a percentage of achievement from goal.


Hey @DavGin!

Thanks for writing in! Talia here to help :slight_smile:

Setting up a pipeline management board using formulas and a numbers column sounds like the way to go. I would think about using a numbers column for the individual’s goal as well as a numbers column for the booked deals amount. To compare the individual’s goal to the booked deals and to show the percentage of achievement you could use the following formulas if the names of the columns are “Goals” and “Booked Deals”:

To see how much people have to go you can use:
{Goal}-{Booked Deals}

To see percentage of achievement:
{Booked Deals}/{Goal}*100

I also wonder: have you already checked out these resources for a sales pipeline?:

Thank you Talia!

I agree with your suggestions. I have the challenge to set them up.

Here is an example of my board. You can see that each account executive have multiple deals which in the end of the day are being summarised into totals.
I could not find a way to take the Total of individual sales person and combine it with his personal goal.

I could not find any example on site or communities for this.

Since the goal is a global variable and not one line item, that is the challenge I think.