Is it possible to set a forecast goal in Monday that then calculates your percent to goal

We have a pipeline board in monday where when a deal is ‘closed won’ it moves to a group, and includes a total sum for the deals value.

Is it possible to set a forecast goal in this board and in a dashboard report (preferred) that then calculates our percent to goal based on all closed won deals?

Thank you.

Hey Brian,

It sounds like our Goal widget could work for you here, however it depends how you’re currently calculating the percentage…

That said, if you are calculating the % through a formula column, you could also then integrate this into the Numbers Widget.

You’re welcome to share some more information so we can ascertain the best route forward :slight_smile:

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Thank you. We calculate the percent to goal outside of by dividing the forecast goal by the total sales.

We track total sales by item in a board in If we add a numbers column to the board where we track total sales by item, that will then work to calculate percent to forecast, is there a way to auto-fill the numbers column with the calculated total value from each closed deal - item?

Thank you

Hey Brian,

If I am understanding correctly, as long as you input the forecast goal and total sales (which are numbers columns), you can calculate that % to goal using the formula column:

You could then integrate this into a numbers widget to track at high level.

Let me know if this is clear!

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This is pretty interesting. I put together a quick test case when goals are concerns in dashboards.

A quick and easy way to approach is to just populate a Stacked Chart summing up all the deal value number fields and stack them as per their status.

On the X Axis, populate them over their forecasted close date, and display them monthly/quarterly (whatever your preference is).

Then add a benchmark line in your chart, explaining what the goal is. See this for example:

Now I understand that doesn’t give you a concrete percentage telling you the gap between the goal and current situation in numbers, but it does give you a visual feel about where are we at the moment with regards to our goal.

Trying that with formulas, is possible, but probably will make your board quite complex, and you’ll have to hide a couple of formula fields to keep the board clean, as they will only be used for populating some dashboard widgets.

As I said, a simpler and alternate solution.