Revenue forecasting with - Looking for ideas

For context: we are a digital marketing agency who build bespoke websites.

We have a sales pipeline board that we’re using to track our leads and open opportunities. In this board, we track the estimated deal value and the forecasted project start date. We also have a “project slots” board where we track current projects as they move through the different phases (think design, development, setup…). Parts of the project value get invoiced before we commence (50%), and the rest throughout the project as certain milestones are hit.

What we’re looking for: We’d like an overview of forecasted revenue (per month) based on current and upcoming projects, but it needs to reflect our invoicing structure. We haven’t quite figured out how. We have a dashboard that shows us the monthly revenue based on full project value. How do we get the board or dashboard to slice it up into those smaller chunks based on phase finish dates or timelines? Ideally, those dates would also automatically be updated when the forecasted start date changes. We want to keep manual updates to a minimum to reduce the amount of work it creates and also room for human error.

Looking forward to your ideas. Thanks in advance!

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Hey there! Sorry for the late response here! We’d love to help you out with this if you’re still needing some ideas! Shoot us a message at for help. :blush: