Revenue Forecasting

Some context: we are a professional services agency who provided IT services.
We have a sales pipeline board that we’re using to track our leads and open opportunities. In this board, we track the estimated deal value and the forecasted project start date. We also have a project board where we track current projects as they move through the different phases / lifecycle of the project. The projects are invoiced on time and materials, on a monthly basis. We are looking for an overview of forecasted revenue, per month based on current and upcoming projects. How do we create a report to show this revenue based on timelines? We would like to be able to add internal costs for resources, as well as the contracted out fee somewhere so that we can see what we are spending internally (billed vs non-billed). Thanks in advance!

Hello @samjtaylor !

To do that you would to create formula columns on the boards that are of interest to you for calculating the remaining months in a timeline, the estimated revenue by month and the estimated revenue by remaining months. This is also possible to do with an estimation with billed and non-billed expenses.

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